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RCIE  1425 Broad Street   Suite A     Clifton, New Jersey 07013           973-778-4222          www.learnairwayortho.com

2020 - To learn everything airway!

Come to the first Academy devoted solely to all things in airway and airway orthodontics.  Our courses are for doctors and all allied health professionals who are committed to helping adults and children have an optimal airway and breathing pattern through dental and collaborative means.



The Airway Mini-Residency 2.0

Our Flagship Course

Brought to you by the Airway and Facial Development Collaborative.

The information in this course is the underpinning of all your airway learning.

The AMR 2.0 with Mark Cruz, DDS and Barry Raphael, DMD

  • January 29 - February 1
  • March 24-27 
  • More dates to be announced

Four days of intensive learning and Membership to the Airway Advanced online learning and collaboration platform will set you and your practice apart and catapult you to dealing with airway at all ages and stages.

Technique Courses

Once you know the theory, learn the techniques to move your practice forward.

The Homeoblock with Ted Belfor and Scott Simonetti


Ted calls the Homeoblock "Orthotropics for the Adult".  Learn how to change the face of an adult without surgery.

The Less-than-Six Philosophy of Early-Early Treatment with Kevin Boyd

About Us

The premier pediatric dentist and lecturer will teach his protocols for managing the growing face, the growing patient, and the growing parent for children under 6 years of age.

The Lightwire Course with Barry Raphael and Ljuba Lemke

May 8-9

October 2-3


Learn to use the Farrell Bent-Wire System and the ALF for pediatric cases.  A wire-bending tutorial is included for all levels of skill.

The ALF and Biotensegrity with Gavin James

June 26-27, 2020

Master clinician and educator knows that dentistry is facing a crisis of scope and identity.  Find out why.

The Sensitive Frenectomy with Soroush Zaghi

December 13-15, 2019

December 11-13, 2020

Reserve this sell-out course before it's too late.  Includes clinical demonstrations.  It's amazing.  Bring your surgeon!

Medical Issues in Airway Dentistry with Mark Cruz

May 30, 2020


AMR co-director will review many of the concepts of the AMR that crucial to understanding the medical indications and assessments for thorough airway-focused practice.


RCIE is the East Coast Showcase for all things Myobrace.

The Myobrace Basic Course

June 12-13, 2020

September 18-20, 2020

December 4-5, 2020

This course is for the practitioner AND STAFFER that's going to run the program for your office.  You'll get everything you need to start cases when you get home.

Myobrace Advanced

March 20-22, 2019


Take this course once you have a few cases under you belt.  Learn tips and tricks from the pros.  Learn to blast through the obstacles that get in the way of achieving optimal health.

Collaboration and Patient Education

Dentists can't do it alone.  Learn to partner up with the best!

Postural Restoration for the Dentist and Physical Therapist with Ron Hruska

July 10-11, 2020

The Postural Resotration Insitute is becoming known for addressing body-wide issues that can affect the face and airway. Bring a team to learn from the bestin the field.

Wild Fun and Success in a Health-centered Dental Practice with Susan Maples

October 23-24, 2020

Empower your staff to empower your patients toward better health.  You'll come away loving your profession (and loving Susan...you can't help it).

Thumbsucking Course with   Carla Lejarraga

June 9-10, (Tu-Wed), 2020 

On a US tour from Oz, Carla and her partner are myofunctional therapists with a program that goes will beyond thumbsucking.  Learn to understand and deal with all the habits your patients bring to you.

Other ways to hear Dr. Raphael speak...

Here are some other learning opportunities for you...

Solving the Airway and Sleep Puzzle: “So Many Treatment Options, So Little Time”

April 24, 2020

Woodbury, NY


An elite lineup of pediatric practitioners...

The Third Annual Symposium on Children's Airway Health from the American Dental Association

June 12-13, 2020

Chicago, Ill.

Show your support and help the ADA change the face of dentistry in the 21st Century.

Collaboration Cures in Seattle with the AAPMD

November 12-14

Seattle, WA

If you are airway anything then you must participate with the organization that brings everybody together.

Airway Symposium by Forestadent

November 13-14, 2020 Miami, Fl

When the orthodontic suppliers are jumping in, you know that things are changing.  Doug Knight put together an all-star line up.

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