RCIE 1425 Broad Street Suite A Clifton, New Jersey 07013 973-778-4222 www.learnairwayortho.com
RCIE  1425 Broad Street   Suite A     Clifton, New Jersey 07013           973-778-4222          www.learnairwayortho.com

The Independent Practices at RCIE

Meet our "Indie's". Each runs an independent practice at our facility. You get the convenience, the serivice, but best of all, the collaboration your situation needs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Oral Myofunctional Therapy

  • Ortho-Postural Training

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Coming soon...

    • Nutritional Counseling

    • Bodywork

    • Medical Screening


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Myofunctional Therapy

This is private instruction in proper mouth posture and function.  The  therapy helps children rest the tongue comfortably without undue stress on the teeth or jaws, while improving swallowing and chewing function.  It takes the pressure that makes teeth crooked away.

Alicia Frannicola

Myofunctional Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist, Alicia can help with articulation, oral motor dysfunction, and myofunctional disorders.

Breathing Repatterning

While the orthodontist deals with the teeth attached to the child, the breathing therapist deals with the child attached to the teeth.  By training better posture, breathing, nutrition and sleep, the child’s body can begin to heal and the mouth work proceed better and faster.

Cranial and Skeletal Work

The bones and muscles of the head and neck are all connected to what happens in the mouth.  The way the bones and muscles are balanced as we sit, stand, and move puts pressure on the mouth and face (“ascending problems”), and the way the mouth works (teeth, tongue, chewing, swallowing, etc) affects the way the bones and muscles react (“descending problems”. Therapies that adjust these parts are critical solving this two-way “form and function” relationship.  

Dr. Michael Magwood

Our next door neighbor, Michael is a chiropractor who helps with postural and spinal issues.

Health Coaches at the Center for Integrative Orthodontics

Not directly affiliated with RCIE, you'll see our coaches working with our patients to makes sure they are practicing and learning all the things they need to know to become healthy and beautiful!  Our Activity Center is a unique and important feature of the Center for Integrative Orthodontics.


 If behaviors change, then the outcomes change...If nothing changes, nothing changes!

Traci O'Shea

Fun and way experienced in orthodontics and myofunctional education. She really gets it. Mother of two.


Amanda Lazorchak

She's kind and gentle and works great with the kids. Mother of four who don't listen to her...but yours will.

Sara Tencza

Sara is our Myobrace specialist. She will help you understand what Myobrace is about and help you perfect every activity.


Allied Professionals

The deeper you go in looking for causes of imbalance, the more help you need fining them. We have arrangements with professional both inside and outside the practice to help you get to the bottom of things.

Sleep Physicians    
Behavioural Psycology    
Pediatric Ear Nose Throat    

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